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With more than 16 years in professional publishing as visual journalist, we can design and edit across all platforms and help you figure out how to manage your content, as well. We can create anything from simple pie charts to the graphics for a smartphone app.


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If you are looking for help with your small business site or just want to start a blog, we can consult or do the whole job. Let us help you get started today!

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Looking for reasonably priced Web Design for a small business? We offer professional visual solutions at an affordable price. Contact us now to discuss your project.

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When Maria worked at The Washington Post in the News IT department, she was our Macintosh expert, as well as a superuser for the CCI pagination system. Maria has excellent communication skills, and was able to assist in solving technical problems without making the users feel inept. Maria was always on the lookout for the latest tools available to help make our job easier, and readily shared her discoveries with her colleagues. Her leadership qualities would be an asset to any company or university with which she is affiliated.


Nzinga B.

I love the food blog that Maria set up for me. She really listened to what I wanted and had great ideas and solutions. And the logo she created for me is perfect! The whole experience — which she made easy — has helped me to stay inspired to keep blogging. To make life easier, get her maintenance package.
Debby K

Maria Averion is an industrious, creative and ambitious talent. Rarely content to settle for the status quo, she continually seeks new challenges. Her visual presentation skills are especially impressive. You can teach that to some degree, but she possesses talent that cannot be taught.


Dave W.

Maria Averion Web Design
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