My favorite WordPress Plugins

Used by millions, Akismet is one of the best ways to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam.

AWeber Footer SlideUp
Footer Slideup adds a subscribe form in the footer of your WordPress blog.

Contact Form Plugin
Plugin for Contact Form.

Add Facebook social plugins and the ability to publish new posts to a Facebook Timeline or Facebook Page. Official Facebook plugin.

FB LinkedIn Resume
Publish all your LinkedIn public profile (or just some selected parts) on your blog.

Floating Social Media Icon
An easy-to-use plugin to show social media icons that float to the right bottom of your browser. It adds links to your social media profiles. If you upgrade to paid version, you can add customized icons.

Floating Social Media Popout
Floating Social Media popout allows your webpage to show a facebook box and Googleplus badge widget when a visitor mouse hovers the floating face book icon or Googleplus icon located on right side of webpage.

Footer Putter
Put a footer on your site that boosts your credibility with both search engines and human visitors.

Print Friendly and PDF
PrintFriendly & PDF button for your website. Optimizes your pages and brand for print, pdf, and email.

Scrolling Social Sharebar (Twitter Like Google +1 Linkedin and Stumbleupon)

SiteWit is the most advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) management software for your search engine marketing efforts.

Social Media Icons Widget
Plugin/Widget for Social Media Icons

Testimonial Basics
This plugin facilitates easy management of customer testimonials. The user can set up an input form in a page or in a widget, and display all or selected testimonials in a page or a widget. The plug in is very easy to use and modify.

Ultimate Coming Soon Page
Creates a Coming Soon or Launch page for your website.

UppSite – Go Mobile™
UppSite is the best way to make your site mobile.

Velvet Blues Update URLs
This plugin updates all urls in your website by replacing old urls with new urls.

WordPress Popular Posts
Showcases your most popular posts to your visitors on your blog’s sidebar. Use WordPress Popular Posts as a widget or place it anywhere on your theme using shortcodes.

WordPress Portfolio Plugin
A plugin that allows you to show off your portfolio through a single page on your wordpress blog with automatically generated thumbnails. To show your portfolio, create a new page and paste

WordPress Websites

These are all my WordPress websites.

Athens County Visitor's Bureau
I did not design this site, but I occasionally do some fixing and maintenance on the site. It is a WordPress site.
Averion Web Design
This is my business web site that I designed in WordPress
Diverse Media Zone
This is a business website for assisting non-profit video projects.
Reckless Tarragon
This a a food blogger who wanted to move her site off blogger and do a redesign. She has had the blog for some years now, but decided she wanted to do more with it. She had a nice-sized archive of posts and images to transfer over and once we got everything moved over to WordPress, we decided to go ahead and get her domain name and give it a more professional feel. I love how the design turned out. And the logo was something I really put some thought (and work) into. We wanted it to have a 'wild' look and feel, but also look nice and scripty. I think it now has just the right feel to it.
Wirelessmic Microphone Rentals
I did some development work for this site to fine tune the design and set up the template pages the way my client wanted them. I also did some light photo editing for him.
Hudson's Edge Catering
A catering site designed using Wordpress.
Michael P. King Photography
I did some setup work for this site for a photographer friend of mine.
LifeLines: The Human Safety Net
This was a three-month project I was involved with. I designed the site and some of the visuals.
Madison County Fair (Ohio)
The Madison County Fair (Ohio) wanted a fresh new design and a site they could update themselves. We're still adding a lot of things gradually.
DW Clonch, LLC
Diana Clonch, a snow removal specialist for the state of Ohio, started her own consulting firm. This site is for her business. I designed the avatar and the site, customizing a WordPress template for her business.
Howard Slutsky, CPA
Designed and developed the WordPress site while working for Site InSight, a small web design firm in Gahanna, OH. This was a redesign of a website for an accounting firm in Gahanna, OH. It's a WordPress site and I designed the logo and customized the theme. The new design launched in June, 2014.
Softworks, Inc.
Designed and developed the WordPress site while working for Site InSight, a small web design firm in Gahanna, OH. Softworks, Inc. is a government software management company. The client chose the theme and the Accordion-style slider and I did all the customization, design and development. This was a redesign of an earlier site designed by someone else.
Washington Post Tribute/Reunion Site
I did this site as a volunteer. I used to work at the Washington Post and I was working with the Tribute Planning Committee to set up the website to collect money for the Tribute/Reunion Party. I customized it for them. After the party, I decided to throw the site together to post the photos and video from the party and we have plans to set up the website as the Newsroom Alumni website. As soon as the person in charge of the current yahoo list-serv has time, we will switch it over. I did all the design, development and customization for the site as well as gathered the content.
The Legacy of Eastgate
This is a site for a documentary movie on a neighborhood in Eastern Columbus. It was part of a series for the Columbus 200th anniversary and the main parts of the series ran on PBS locally. It was a template and I customized it and designed the thumbnails for the site. The site launched in 2013.
Serendipity Gardens
This site is for a garden blog. It is the first completely customized design I've done in WordPress. I created the graphics and artwork and used custom web fonts. I used a template for the structure and used the containers to make the graphics fall in the right place. This site launched in February 2013.
Mosaic Literary
Mosaic Literary is a book website. I created a WordPress site and customized a template for the site. I also added music and look links, as well as a paypal shopping cart. This site launched in 2013.
Red Badge Consulting
This is a business website for a consulting company. I transferred the old html site over to WordPress and then turned the design into a responsive one. This site launched in 2013.
Columbus Family Adventures
I didn't do the design of this WordPress site, but I finessed the design and added some features and plugins.

Home Page Heroes

Main images on a homepage, usually in a slider

Restaurant Equippers
I did some web work for the company, including the bi-monthly swap of sliders on the home page.

Traditional Web Design

Websites designed with straight code, no Content Management System

Smart Ping Consumer Site (was redesigned)
I did contract work for a small marketing firm in downtown Columbus and ended up doing the final design on their website. It has since been redesigned, but the original design included a sprite, html, CSS and javascript. This design work was in 2010.

Web Content Editor

Web work focusing on content organization and editing

Ohio Wesleyan University
I did some web design/development work for OWU during their redesign process. I did everything from assistance setting up the front-end system to consulting with them on how to train others to use the system.
Soul of Athens - Content Editor (MilkMen Multimedia Project)
I was a Content Editor for this project while doing coursework for my Master's Degree at Ohio University in 2008. I was in Visual Communication getting my degree in Photo and Graphics Management. I obtained permission and materials from a grad student to edit his project for our annual school project. I edited the video, photos and audio in Final Cut Pro and did additional audio editing in ProTools. This was published at the end of Spring Quarter in 2008.

Flash Design

Sites or graphics designed in Flash

Maria Averion Portfolio, 2008 (Flash)
This was my first Flash website after I took my Flash class at Ohio University when I was doing coursework for my Master's Degree.
into it. The plugin requires you to have a free account with Shrink The Web to generate the thumbnails.

WP Editor
This plugin modifies the default behavior of the WordPress plugin and theme editors.

Ad Injection
Injects any ad (e.g. AdSense) into your WordPress posts or widget area. Restrict who sees the ads by post length, age, referrer or IP. Cache compatible.

AdSense on Top
Shows Adsense Ad on Top, Bottom, right or left Margin of Window. Only works together with the wonderful Adsense-Optimizer Plugin.

Adsense Optimizer
Ads Google Adsense ads automatically to your blog.

Advanced WordPress Theme Editor
This plugin provides an enhanced experience when editing your Theme directly from WordPress. It provides code formatting and highlighting at least for PHP, CSS and JS files.

Comment Rating Field Plugin
Adds a 5-star-rating field to the comments form in WordPress. Requires WordPress 3.0+

Comment Rating Widget
Display Comment Rating along with the most recent comments/trackbacks in the sidebar.

delicious-plus widget
Adds a sidebar widget to display delicious links

DK New Media’s Image Rotator Widget
A sidebar widget for rotating images utilizing jQuery.

EasyRotator for WordPress
Add professional, customizable photo sliders to your site in seconds.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus One social share buttons for WordPress
With this widget , you can display a customizable jQuery accordion which gathers Facebook social plugins together on your WordPress website .

Facebook Button Plugin
Puts Facebook Button in to your post.

Favorite Plugins Widget
Show your favorite plugins from your profile along with author and star ratings.

HL Twitter
A plugin to display and store your Twitter archive and send out new tweets on publish.

JF3 Maintenance Redirect
This plugin allows you to specify a maintenance mode message/page for your site as well as configure settings to allow specific users to bypass the maintenance mode functionality in order to preview the site prior to public launch, etc.

Lazy Load
Lazy load images to improve page load times. Uses jQuery.sonar to only load an image when it’s visible in the viewport.

LinkedIn SC
Display your LinkedIn CV on one of your WordPress pages or post using Shortcodes

Magn Drag and Drop Upload
This plugin will help you to drag and drop images directly in your New Post page. Saves 90% of time while uploading images.

Options Framework
A framework for building theme options.

Photo Galleria
Creates beautiful slideshows from embedded WordPress galleries.

Pinterest Pinboard Widget
Add a Pinterest Pinboard widget to WordPress.

Portfolio Post Type
Enables a portfolio post type and taxonomies.

Portfolio Slideshow
An easy-to-use, mobile-friendly slideshow for WordPress.

Random Image
Displays a Random Image from the Post Attachment Gallery/ Page Attachement Gallery / Custom Media Library Items. Easy Implementing Shortcode is available.

Rotating Header
Create a rotating header similar to how the built-in WP 3.0 header works but for multiple images that rotate at a set interval.

Rotating Image Widget
Create a jQuery-driven rotating image sidebar widget.

The slideshow plugin is easily deployable on your website. Add any image that has already been uploaded to add to your slideshow, add text slides, or even add a video. Options and styles are customizable for every single slideshow on your website.

WOW Slider
This module easily adds image sliders created with WOWSlider app.

WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart
Simple WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin, very easy to use and great for selling products and services from your blog.

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