SPEAKERS_BADGESo what is WordCamp? Last year, I went to my very first MeetUp. It was for my local WordPress ‘club.’ I learned so much from other WordPress users that I have only missed one meeting since then. I also found out about WordCamp and I went to my very first one. WordCamp is kind of like a a mini convention. But it’s put on by local WordPress users to help other users. The price was so good, I was hooked. The first day is a beginners’ camp crash course. And the next day is the keynote and breakout sessions. This year, there are three days of yummy WordPress sessions, all for $40.

Since I have come so far in one year with WordPress, I decided to volunteer to present. I have been a newspaper designer for more than 16 years, so I thought I would take a designer topic and discuss that. Most of the people I have met are either coders or people who just discovered WordPress, but have no practical experience in design. But I have lots of designer friends who have yet to dip their toes into Web Design because it was so hard when Web Design first got started. So my session is about fonts.

How do you choose a font for your web site? Most people don’t know how to choose a font or why it makes a difference.

In my session, I’ll show some examples of sites that use fonts well and sites that don’t. You learn what the difference is between fonts and how to mix and match them.

Then we will discuss some good tools, plug-ins and sites to go to learn more.

Maria Averion Web Design
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