Photo Editor, Microsoft, (Redmond, WA) 2008-’09

The following links are some slideshows and stories from my work at Microsoft. All of these projects ran on For some of these, I did the photo research only and for some, I did the creative photoshop work. The subjects, type of work and departments that requested the work varies. All of these projects are live on the web.

Most are posted in chronological order:

Recalled Toys in 2008

Year in Search: 2008

Special Partnership: National Geographic Photo Contest

Movies: Last Girl Standing

Movies: Black Presidents in Hollywood

Underwear: A Brief History

Microsoft: First Dog Poll Voting Results

Microsoft: Caring for the First Dog

A-List Search: Wacky Obama Merchandise

Search: Friday the 13th

Search: April Fool’s Day Pranks

Search: Recession Busters

Search: Juneteenth

Search: The Stonewall Riot Anniversary

Search: Father’s Day

Search: Tiananmen Anniversary

Search: Flag Day

Specials: Michael Jackson Tribute

Health Encarta: Top 10 Gross Things in Your House

Specials: Where Are They Now? (All four images on hub page, complete Newsmakers Slideshow & Several images in Health: Medical Wows)

A-List Hot Topics: Kennedy Family Tree

A-List Hot Topics: The Kennedy Curse

A List Hot Topics: Grandparents’ Day

A List Hot Topics: Fallen Reality TV Stars

A List Hot Topics: Celebrity Hair Transplants

Coming Soon! Political Cheaters


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