Basic Website Package

You should expect to pay at least $1,500-$2,500 for a basic site, which has about 4-8 pages and some plugins. Some of the design costs are a customized logo or header design. But whatever work I do for the site from design to coding, it is based on my hourly rate. I try to remain flexible and affordable and will cut costs where I can to save you money, depending on what your site needs.

Customized Template

What does it mean to have a customized template? I design primarily in WordPress these days. Most people know WordPress as a free blogging website, but it can do so much more. If you blog on, you probably have noticed you don’t own your own content and the capabilities you have are somewhat limited. But is a completely different animal altogether.

You see, if you download the software and install it into your own hosting account with your own domain, you have more control over the software, which is free because it is open source software, and you own all of your own content and traffic, plus you can still use the templates in the repository for free. (Though, I like to use other templates because they are better)

Most WordPress templates on the open market today are under $100 and have so many more features than the templates in the repository, but you should go with a reputable company because nothing is worse that setting up your whole web presence on a theme with bad or virus-ridden code.

You can also take advantage of the thousands of independent coders out there who design plugins to expand the capability of your websites. With WordPress, you can have a fully functional website with as many pages as you need and you can use the dynamic built-in blog feed to organize your site contents or as just a simple news page.

The best thing about WordPress though, in my humble opinion, is that it allows me to remotely set up a mini content management system for my clients. That means that I can install WordPress on your hosting account for you and take care of all the design and technical stuff. I create user accounts for you and all of your employees (if you want) and you can get in and simply create a new page or a new post anytime you want and hit the publish button. Push-button self-publishing at its finest.

The template gets picked up automatically and all you have to do is worry about the content. I have an admin account if anything goes wrong and you can call me (if you subscribe to the maintenance program) and I can get in and fix the issue or tell you how to talk to your support team at your hosting company.

Some basic features of the Base Site

  • Simple logo
  • Up to 8 pages
  • 1 contact form
  • Custom Menu
  • Up to 6 basic plugins
  • 1 News/Blog feed

Examples of basic plugins

  • Calendar
  • Testimonials
  • Additional custom forms
  • Custom Galleries
  • Custom Post Type setups
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Social Media integration
  • Simple Amazon integration
  • Simple Paypal setup

Extra Hosting Services*

  • Domain Migration
  • Hosting Migration
  • E-mail Migration
  • E-mail Setup
  • E-mail Training
  • E-mail Client Setup & Training
  • Site Backup Setup (on the server)
  • Database Setup & Organization
  • PC Computer Training & Setup
  • Mac Computer Training & Setup
  • Network Training & Setup
  • Printer Training & Setup
  • Additional Consulting

*Charges may apply. Contact for estimate.

Maria Averion Web Design
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