ma_200x200_snapFor many years, I have worked in the newspaper business as a designer and editor. Working on a daily deadline, you learn to think creatively on your feet. You learn to troubleshoot production issues quickly and easily and find creative solutions on the fly. I made the transition to digital design in the early years of the internet. I am what is known as an early adapter. I was always the first to jump into new technology, becoming a Web Editor in 1996. That job gave me experience in video editing, HTML, Content Management, JavaScripting, everything you’d need to edit a website.

After that, I worked as a Product Manager and launched an Arts & Entertainment website for Northeast Ohio. (This included Akron, Canton and Cleveland). This job required me to handle marketing and promotions for the site, as well as editing and planning content. I can do everything from editing and web design to creating banner and cube ads. I also worked with Zip2.com (A searchable, online business zip code directory) for setting up the search database for local entertainment businesses. (Zip2 does not exist any more)

Now, I focus completely on Web Design, specifically WordPress customization. WordPress is a content management system, but it’s mostly known as an online blogging system. It can actually be used to create a fully-functional website. I take templates and redesign them for my clients, so they can have a website without having to know much code. After I set up sites for them, I train them on how to use the browser-based admin, so they can make changes and post updates themselves.

wyzantI also am a tutor on Wyzant.com, an online tutor matching service. I have tutored students one-on-one in PhotoShop, Web Design, InDesign, Powerpoint, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Photography and how to use a Macintosh. I enjoy tutoring because I also learn a lot about how people process information and learn. And it’s a good way to keep my skills sharp and to meet (and help) people. Because I’m technically-savvy, I can teach a variety of different subjects that people happen to need help with.

I have worked for The Washington Post, MSNBC.com, Microsoft, The Orlando Sentinel, The Akron-Beacon Journal and The Columbus Dispatch. I also have experience in doing HTML e-mails for Marketing and I am immersed in Social Media. I don’t post my resume online, but if you’d like to see my resume, please e-mail me and I’ll send you a pdf.

Maria Averion Web Design
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